Thursday, 3 August 2017

Weird Eats

I think I am transitioning to a mostly vegan eating style.
I say mostly because I still have a little dairy, honey, and often don't realize what some things contain until after I have eaten them.

I told you I've been highly emotional and sensitive.
This is part of it I guess.
I also find I am having weird cravings.


This is grits with sauteed kale and seasonings.

Chickpeas, carrots, tomato, jalapeno, kale and salsa and a little nutritional yeast.
I ate some on a green hatch chile tortilla.

I was hungry obviously.
This is a Beast Burger from Beyond Meat with a slice of melted Daiya Cheese over greens, tomatos, a little pickle.
I made a 'dressing' from Veganaise and whole grain mustard.
I know it looks gross, but it actually was super tasty.

And I know it seems carb heavy, but I've actually lost pounds...
and have been going to the gym less.
Honestly, I have lost a ton of motivation for lifting right now.
I have found that I am enjoying trying to jump rope more than a minute at a time, and I am enjoying the outdoors because before I know it, winter will be here again.

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