Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Weekend in Pictures

We decided to get away again...and unplug.
I just want to say that I am enjoying it more and more.
Believe me I LOVE our home, however, I feel more chained to my email, social media and such.
I am trying to learn to ignore it more.
Afterall, I get to pick and choose my work, so I shouldn't be worried about constantly checking everything. Hell, things waited before I had internet; they can again for sure.
The world will not end. 

I have discovered that I have a great admiration for trail runners.
I can barely walk these one foot wide paths that drop off, riddled with rocks. I have no idea how they run it! Especially downhill! I was slipping and sliding all over with my spastic self.
I am getting better at crossing log "bridges" without falling on my ass.
Anyway, I give you the pictures.

 We did take a part of one day and head to historic Leadville to wander about. We didn't stay long, but it was cute, and I'm sure we'll pop into town again in the future.

 My reading for the weekend.
I have never seen the movie, but have heard wonderful things about the book.
I've enjoyed it.

 Someone else had a great time too.
This was at another campsite. I had to take a pic.
I was cracking up!
Go them!
I'm sure they had a fantastic weekend.

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