Friday, 7 July 2017

Friday Feelings...

Classified Ad - Searching for my tribe. 😂
Feel free to join us...if you dare. 😈
My followers & readers are a small group but loyal and true. Thank gosh they accept me for all of my conglomerations. I admit that I am, well, different. 😜 I thank you and love you for accepting my fitness, burlesque, Pervy writing, searching for my inner love and light, exploring and teaching what I have learned in a "Kink" lifestyle through blogging & writing, same with health & fitness...and supporting all of my endeavors. I wouldn't continue without you. 
I know it seems like these would contradict, but I feel the perfect melding of everything. peace ✌ love 💖 light 🌅

And a song for the day.

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