Thursday, 29 June 2017

Still Crotch Deep in Inspiring and Self-Love Reading!

As you all know, I'm am still on my inspirational reading kick!
I only downloaded Amanda Palmer's The Art of Asking yesterday, yet, I can't seem to turn it off.

From the first chapter when she exclaimed, "Who's got a tampon? I just got my period!" I was hooked. Now, I've always been a fan of the Dresden Dolls. I saw her Ted Talk about the Art of Asking. I'm not quite sure why it took me so long to get to her book.
I consider myself an artist.
I've always painted, sewn, drawn, danced, played guitar, maybe this is why her words just hit me, and I am so sucked in by this story.
Rather, I should say her many stories.
As she goes through her life, including her time stripping, I found myself relating to her on higher levels. We all just want to be seen, have intimacy, have our work recognized by someone, anyone.

And honestly, her words and struggles and outlook, just make me want to become a successful novelist even more - plus, the hundred other goals that I have in mind. 
Plus, there is music sprinkled throughout as well on the audiobook which is just a bonus.

This one definitely makes my list of books one should read if you're on the journey of self-love.
You should also check out my previous posts for some of the other wonderful books that will change your outlook too. 
And one of my absolute favorites You Are a BadAss

Since we're on a book note, I found that I often get asked in blog interviews or just through messages what it is that I hope to convey in my writing to my readers. Now granted, we know I write erotic romance. Many people would wonder if there is even a story line much less a message in those novels.  Well, I'm here to tell you that there is, at least in my books.

It's taken me almost three years to come up with an answer that I think rings true, and here it is:

I find that I take people's issues, that can be yours or mine, propelling the reader on a journey of self-exploration and perhaps healing. I have a gola to hopefully make people consider other thought patterns about live, love, sexuality. I would love to tear down the shame and guilt that many feel for their desired life. I believe if it's not hurting anyone else, and both people consent, what is done between those people in love is not wrong and they should not feel shame for their acts with each other. 
oxo JLE
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