Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Wednesday Words...Rambles

Guess who started working out on his own?
I told hubs a few weeks ago, "You look like you're losing weight."
He blew me off.
Well, in comes laundry and there are all of these extra clothes, towels, shorts and shirts.
He's been utilizing the office gym!
Yay! This just makes meal planning easier because he is on board with the meals I used to make more frequently. With both of us eating healthy, this whole thing gets a heck of a lot more fun!
We even went supplement shopping together too.
This is something that I've always wanted, even if we aren't working at the same gym...yet. 😀
We were scoping out one place that has a pool and climbing wall.
It's a rec center about 30 miles away, but I'm down for it, especially with this massive bikini collection that I'm starting. I also want to check out the paddle boarding in a town nearby.
I found this hilarious, and never better motivation, haha!
 Here's a pic from today after my leg workout.
I 💚 GYM!
Cute little leggings found at Wal-Mart of all places.
I'm pushing harder.
We did have to make a few trips into Denver the past week.
Since we were there, we went out to eat.
Don't get grossed out, but I LOVE these little snotballs on a half-shell.
Then, I received a card from my aunt yesterday. She found a roll of undeveloped film, and this picture was included. I think I was around 28!
And looking back, I used to think I was fat then?!
Isn't funny how our perception of ourselves is so messed up sometimes?

On the side of my pursuit of happiness and changes, I have picked up a few more books.
I'm sure that I will be giving them a shout out as I finish them.
And in changing my own reality and life and who I am choosing to be, I have created the time to work on my novels. I'm flexing my creative muscles. YaY!

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