Tuesday, 28 March 2017

This past weekend, we had to say goodbye to our girl.
She was 14.
The past couple of years, she had definitely slowed down.
We were constantly at the vet getting new ways and meds to keep her quality of life good.
Unfortunately in the past two weeks, she gave up.
She would not stand when helped up.
She didn't care if she pottied on herself and didn't try to move from it.
It was heart-breaking.
Yet, we tried more meds, until hubs came home Friday evening and just said,
"I made the appointment for tomorrow."
Copious pictures were taken.
I cooked her chicken, gave her cheese, apples, anything she wanted.
That morning it hit me as I made her last meal.
This picture was taken before we left.
She had developed a head tilt in addition, which they suspected was the beginning of neurological issues in the brain. We were assured it was time.
I had vowed to her over the years, to stay with her to the end.
As she lay on the cushion and blankets on the floor of the vet room, she crawled to put her head in my lap. We snuggled with her, one of us on each side of her.
I can say it was peaceful and quicker than I thought.
It was heartbreaking, but it was time.

It's very different around the house now.
It took about 45 minutes each time we fed her, trying to get her up and outside then holding her up or picking her up when she fell. 
We are the only ones that miss her.
Mr. Man has been sad since he realized she wasn't coming back.
As with all of our pets, Ms. Heidi is being cremated so that she will always have a little physical piece around with us.
She was feisty.
I met her dad only two weeks after he got her, so she was just as much mine as his.
He was deployed, and she and I spent a ton of quality time together.
Although, he was always her special person.
However, I will never forget her crawling to put her head in my lap in her final moments.


Melissa Cunningham said...

Oh Jen! I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I am glad you all knew when it was time and made her as comfortable and loved as possible during her final moments. I do hope you find comfort in knowing y'all gave her the best life!! Sending hugs your way!!!!

Jen lassalle edwards said...

Thank you Melissa! She's definitely missed, but will never be forgotten.