Friday, 24 March 2017

They say live like you already have the life you dream of.
I want Jared Leto's life.
I know. I know. I may have a slight obsession with the man, but hear me out.
Maybe I'm a little infatuated because he has made so much happen in his life.
The man is an actor, musician, altruist, adventurer...into kink & BDSM. <- p="" perk="">
I want to have it all.
I want to be a successful novelist, athlete, adventurer, help others, save the planet, inspire and more.
Why can't I make that happen?
It's funny when you wake up and think, "You know, maybe I can make this happen, for real?!"
I have no earthly clue, but something in my chest is telling me that I can.

However, as I looked out of my back windows and saw this view,
this came over me:
Now, am I going to climb a mountain today?
Um, no, but I may go try the indoor wall soon.
Climb a tree?
Why not? I did it as a kid, why do we lose that urge and joy?
Maybe it's me opening myself up to my inner self, the universe, whatever, but I am finding myself having more joy, urges, and need to change.
Like I said, I'm not sure how, but it will come to me.

But in the spirit, I bought a few pairs of those shorts that all of the cute fit chicks wear.
Dress how I want to be - well, the fitness me.
I'm almost not too embarrassed to wear them.
Perhaps this is how you approach that whole concept?
Let's see what else I figure out.

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