Thursday, 23 March 2017

Lessons Learned...and Finally Living.

I embrace my Pervy, Twisted, Kink, Dark side and all other facets of thought that I throw out  there when I write. I am not ashamed of my books. I also love that I want to be athletic, and the vision of my body that I am creating, not what others may not find aesthetically appealing about it. 
I control what I say and do and the tales I tell.
I cannot control what others think, freak out about, or are disappointed by...
One of the greatest burdens lifted from us is worrying about what others think about us, our actions, our life.
As long as we live with integrity, honesty, and happiness, I'm all good with that. 
You should love you too.

Although I am in need of a haircut...
I was trying to grow my hair out, but naw, that's not me. I like rocking the short do!
I realized it after I caught myself in the sunlight and mirror when I got to the gym this morning.
(Ignore the big zit...that's what happens when you shock your body and go back to eating clean.)
Today, I'm roasting the beets, brussel sprouts, and the tops and baking some apples. All which needed to be done before I lose the yummy organic goodness. I had not had brussel sprouts in ages. There's something very calming to me about cleaning, chopping, roasting or prepping food.
I know it's weird, but it's me!
If you would like to follow me along, my next book is
I had it checked out from the library, but it's 40 day guidebook, and there are holds for this baby.
So, I just bought it off of Amazon, and will probably begin from the beginning when it comes in.
Each day has approximately two pages of reading, so easy peasy, right?
Let's do it!

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