Monday, 13 March 2017

Fear, Food, and more!

And I did.
I still feel like I may throw up.
And times, they are a changing. This is for sure.
There are changes that I have wanted forever, for 25 years.
Let's see what happens with that, lol.

I have been reading and listening inspiring books, some of which are also making me laugh out loud on the treadmill at the gym. Got to love that.
I will be doing a post on these reads of positive awesomeness.
I am still doing my positive vibes, happiness project which is in turn leading me to more writing. I have all of these ideas swirling around. At this moment, though, I am trying to get part two of my last release completed. I truly wish I could sit behind the computer for hours on end, but my flow doesn't work that way. Maybe I can try some exercises to change that?
Hmmm, something new to research, hahaha!

I may be taking this whole 'Shine Bright' thing a little too literally.
I don't care, I love them. Besides, they were truly needed. My current pair is about to fall to pieces.
So, I treated myself.

Our weather has been unseasonably warm. We know it's just psyching us out, and we're due another dump or two of snow until May. However, we might as well take advantage of it while we can!
One day we did a little grilling.
I have so been digging kale lately. I just saute it in a pan sprayed with a little olive oil.
Toss it about, add a little sea salt, black pepper, and garlic powder.
I have had some wonderful peppers too!
That's one up there with grape tomato halves on top.
I have been stuffing them with ground turkey or ground chicken that I cook with salsa.
Top with a tablespoon of Parmesan  and bake in the toaster oven.
Sometimes I layer spinach underneath, like below.
I also had a huge mango and some kiwi that we were not going to get to quickly last week.
So, I pureed them in the blender and froze them into little cubes.
They can be tossed in water or tea, or when I make my hubs smoothies in the morning.
Or you can just grab one for a sweet treat by itself.

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