Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Book of Badass Awesomeness!

Part of my goal this year is the Pursuit of Happiness and being Un-Apologetically Me.
Yes, I have succumbed to reading self-help books, inspirational books, happy books.
This one has so rocked my socks.

Jen Sincero knocks You Are A Badass out of the park.
If you follow me on Instagram, I have been putting up quotes all week.
She is funny, witty, and damn on target with her concepts.
I have laughed out loud on the treadmill while listening to her audible.
I've had it playing while I work and do chores around the house.
She draws you in with her non-guru-y, non-Ooom hilarity in the world of self-help.
I know that I will be listening to this a few times again.

It's synchronicity or something because it's like she is speaking directly to me about all of the changes that I have been thinking about, but now want to make.

We all know that I write novels on the side.
I can only pump out about one a year because of all of my other activities and contract work.
I want to make a living from writing.
I'm putting it out there in the universe and believing that if I keep working hard, doing whatever I can with integrity, that it will become a reality.
I'm not going to worry or burden myself with the how, but just believe that it is happening.
What can I say? Perhaps I am beginning to believe in miracles.
I will also be going beyond the genre of erotica...stay tuned!
The same with my fitness goals.
I am putting it out there that I will continue the course and inspire others.
Maybe there will be a cookbook, or another related book.
And a few other things that I am not quite ready to admit to, but who said overcoming fear and doubt is immediate. I'm working on it. 

I am recommending this book to everyone I know; that's how much it has affected me.

Saying that, hint hint, if you enjoy a book, please pass it on to the people you know who would enjoy it. That's how us indies get known. 😜

So on a side note, I have one of my lesser known books on sale.
I call it my hidden gem of smut.
Out of the four stories that I've written, and that people have read, they often tell me this is their favorite. This is my attempt at getting it a little more love. 
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