Thursday, 16 February 2017

Progress Pic & some easy noms!

First off, I am well aware that I have wrinkles, scars, and am far off from where I used to be.
I took this pic this morning after rolling out of bed and while getting dressed.
However, I see progress slowly back in the ab department.
Hello George!
For me, progress is progress. I will get back where I want to be slowly but surely.
Today, two days after my leg day, I am still shuffling like an old lady.
I did upper body yesterday and will go easy today with more stretching.

We've been using Door to Door Organics for about a month or so now.
We've been so pleased with our Bitty Box each week and have added more to our orders.
We got some awesome organic beets in our box yesterday.
Today I roasted them and sauteed the tops. 
We have definitely been increasing our fruit and veg intake with this.
By the way, if you're interested in Door to Door Organics in your area, look them up!
Plus, if you drop your email address to me, I can send you an invite with $15 off!
The Bitty Box is only $25 regular price anyway, and you can manipulate what's in it and cancel anytime or skip weeks.

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