Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

Yesterday was the first day that I wasn't chasing my nose and able to go back to the gym and begin hitting it harder than walking on the treadmill and doing a few reps of light weights.

I'm super excited about that, however, my work is driving me looney.
I work remotely, so I get sent information to draw and send back.
I can only ask so many times for more or if there are client requirements or if I am missing information. I can also only tell them so many times, supplying graphics, of how certain things just do not work the way the notes say they should, and if I'm not given measurements or corrected info, it's just going to sit there. Today made six days of providing them the drawings showing how 56' just does not fit in an area 25' wide (just an example), what is measured wrong? What part is incorrect? Plus, the angles are out of whack, something just does not work...
I'm a few thousand miles away, it's not like I can jump to a site and go check things myself...
No, finally, it's just like I'm stupid when finally answered.
I weigh the options of keeping the contract work.
I've done it almost 25 years (in April).
One, it screws me royally on taxes since I do not buy many supplies or have merchandise or other extra items an at home business can deduct. Our house is tiny and the office is a speck. Also, I have to pay all of my own self-employment taxes on top of regular taxes, blah, blah, blah...the boring stuff. (Yes, we get them professionally done.)
It's almost not worth it by the time I pay estimated taxes and everything else. I may as well get a fun part-time job where all of that is taken care of.
Two, I am at their mercy because no matter how many times I tell them that I am not sitting next to my computer waiting for them to message me, they inevitably do it whenever they want - 5 in the morning, 6 at night. Don't message for weeks, months, then wonder why I'm not answering in five minutes and able to get a drawing out in a few hours that took two weeks in the field to survey.
Honestly, I'm burned out.
I may have to seriously begin considering other options, if nothing else to gain some of my happy back. I've spent too many years rationalizing the "I get to work from home" bright side. I feel like a trained rat with no reward at times but stress.

But anyway, I have been doing my Days of Happy/Positive/Funny posts.
So far, it has not changed my attitude, lol.
It is only day 14 though, and they say 21 days to change an attitude, habit, etc.
I took a pic today once I was finished at the gym.
I look like utter shit, but I supposed I don't have to look presentable there.

And it's always wonderful when the whole gym smells like weed at 7:30 in the morning. There's a group of guys that smoke in their car before coming in, which I have no clue how they lift and shit being baked, but whatever. It just annoys me that they are out driving and smoking it all day.

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