Tuesday, 7 February 2017


I am on the tail end of fighting the head funk.
Last week was pretty much a washout come Wednesday. I tried to push through Monday and Tuesday, but crash and burn and snot blossoms everywhere!
Needless to say, I didn't eat much and just crashed on the sofa with boxes of tissue.

Yesterday, I decided to just go do it. Monday is our trash day. I turn on the car to warm up on chilly mornings. While the car was warming up, I did a few chores, one being putting the trash out.
From the corner of my eye, I saw something move. I immediately thought it was one of the bazillion bunnies, but nope, out he came. Mr. Fox.
He began trotting toward me.
I walked away and he picked up a little speed.
So here I am trotting around with a fox behind me laughing hysterically and yelling expletives.
I jumped in the car and tried to grab my phone to snag pics, but he looked at me and went on his merry way. This was not him, but another little guy that was playing one morning.

I've always wanted a pet fox. Maybe this is my way of getting one, lol.

In food fronts, I tried a breakfast pizza for brunch on Sunday. 
I didn't have tapioca flour so I subbed 1/2 coconut flour and 1/2 chickpea flour, which needed much more water and to bake much longer...My crust was a fail. Either I needed to bake the crust longer and before putting toppings, or the flours are just too rich and heavy. I would try it again, but I may do a cauliflower crust, a sweet potato crust that I've made, or an old standby pizza crust recipe from Eating Clean magazine. The toppings were delicious though.

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