Monday, 9 January 2017

Food, food, pictures

I won't lie. Weekends kill me.
I LOVE to cook, and weekends I tend to go overboard.
I will try to reign things in and find better options again.
However, Saturday morning, husband requested seafood crepes.
How could I say no?

A little bit ago, we bought a ten pound bag of potatoes because they were on sale for $1.
We should have known that we would never eat them all.
They were on the verge of sprouting, so I made oven chips for husband to bring to work with his lunches.
I may have eaten a few too.
Since I had some leftover cauliflower rice, I decided to make me a few tots - which I ate this morning with my egg.

I don't know if you've checked out the newest issue of Muscle & Fitness Hers.

I get mine on my Kindle.
Anyway, they have a great Clean Eating Guide this month with so many fun recommendations for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks.
I plan on trying a bunch of them out - and forcing husband to as well.
Hell, he asked me to start planning menus for the week again.

We've also signed up for a loca CSA, a beef one!
We've started with just the basic samplers to see how it goes.
Although, I did substitute out the yellow onion for apple.
I'm really excited to get our first deliveries.

Today, I will do the rest of our food prep, work, and write on some of my works in progress.

2017 seems to be going okay so far!

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