Monday, 28 November 2016

Comparison is the Thief of Joy

This is so true.
How many times have all of us looked at someone else and compared what they have to ourselves, be it a banging body, success, material items, relationships?
How did they get it?
We may feel we deserve what they have just as much.
Those feelings can lead to jealousy, anger, resentment.
However, we don't know what they did to achieve any of that, how hard they worked, what pains they have gone through.

This is what I am reminding myself of today.
I spent days off of Facebook, went on last night, and found myself doing just these things.
Hahahaha, Facebook is the thief of joy.
No, no, but I find when I am on there, I compare myself to all of these statuses and posts.
However, who knows if these statuses are 'real.' It seems we all like to post things that make our lives look perfect. 
Even still, I don't know how hard others have worked to achieve these statuses that I was envious of either.

I had to remind myself this morning that I have no control over anyone but myself. 
I am me.
And that is all good.
I have relationships that are perfect for me, and I don't need to blast it all over the place to prove it.
My body is a work in progress.
I do blast that sometimes, but I want to inspire others to achieve their goals...and so are these other people. They are just ahead of the game, and that's proof of their work.
Well, I'm still striving toward that.
I have to evaluate what I consider success.
In the book world, I am not successful, but I have a tiny following who look forward to my books.
I am grateful for that.

That being said, I have found positivity also takes work.
Being happy, takes work.
It's all in choices.
Though I backslide, I will continue to strive for happiness and positivity as my main focus.
And maybe less Facebook and more recipes...which I owe you! 😀

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