Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Tasty Tuesday & Progress Pics

I have been lacking veggies in my diet.
I know, I know, they are key!
So, I have been finding ways to sneak more in.

I made this yesterday and made it again today.
This is what I have been eating once I get back home from the gym.
It's super flexible, and I add different veggies each time.


Some of my ground turkey cooked with salsa that I prep earlier in the week.
1 whole egg
Peppers we grilled (but sometimes I just cut up the raw too)
baby spinach that I cut up
Bragg's Nutritional Yeast

I spray my pan with olive oil spray then layer my ingredients, cracking my egg over the top.
I cover it and cook over a lower heat, checking on it every three minutes.

I like mine done so that when I put it in the bowl, I can slice into the egg and have the yolk ooze over the rest.

Another quick meal that I discovered.
I have been craving salad with something other than spinach.
Sunday, I picked up this Chopped Salad Mix by Dole.
It's the Pomegrante blend.

It contains: Pomegranate infused cranberries, flax seeds, shredded brussel sprouts, cabbage, romaine, kale, carrots, green onions & Dole Pomegranate Vinaigrette.
So, easy.
I just put some of the grilled chicken on top from food prep time.
There are 3.5 servings, but I will have the salad part devoured in three.
Then again, I don't use all of the toppings or a ton of dressing either.

I will definitely be buying these again and trying the other varieties available.

And I have finally been able to start wearing the leggings that hubs bought me last Christmas.
Remember, I told you he bought them and chose the size by looking in my drawers.
Sweet guy didn't realize I have pudgy clothes and in shape clothes.
Now, I'm not 'in shape' where I would like, but progress is progress.

I am doing my first (and more than likely only) romance/ertoica book signing convention in New Orleans next year.
I figured if one of my books is titled Ripped & Twisted, I should try to represent!

Fluff n stuff, but getting there.
Patience, right? 

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