Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Spring, please sprung already

It's sometimes hard to be motivated or to physically get to the gym, or anywhere, when this happens.

This was April 18th. 
Three and a half feet of snow, deeper in some spots.
All I know was the dogs looked at me like I was crazy when I would open the door.
So being the good doggy mommy that I am, I trudged and shoveled waist high snow to make a path and large circle in the yard for them to go out in.
Now granted, two days later our roads were clear and this was melting down.
Then, another six inches fell.

Like today, I came home from the gym this morning, and it was almost 60 degrees!
Now, we're at 40 three hours later, and it's raining with a little sleet for good measure.
Even when we hit the 60's, I am freezing all of the time.

This past weekend the weather was nice enough for us to rake and bag pine needles, begin cutting back the trash bushes that pop up all over, and I was even able to plant a few flower bulbs that don't kick it up here.
We even got to grill on our deck. Yep, that one up there where the patio furniture is buried.
These are the weekends that I am so looking forward to, hopefully soon.
Of course, we should be used to this, lol.

I have some recipes pinned that I cannot wait to try out, tweak and hopefully share with you too.
I have a new selection of fantastic leggings to snap photos of. 

And if you're interested, I have some news tomorrow on my Candy and Kink Blog
It's something simple, but I was excited to find this out and be included. 

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