Friday, 15 April 2016


This woman, Cory Everson, started it all for me. I remember seeing her on ESPN at the Olympia in the mid 80's. I had never seen anything like her, and I loved it. I began watching her workout shows. I would try to do them, tried to use my dad's weight machines. In high school in P.E., I got to use the girls' weight room instead of playing basketball ball. Of course, I was clueless on what I should be doing or about any sort of nutrition. 
I grew up in Louisiana: fried food, boiled food, lots of starches.
I know 90% of our vegetables were from a can.
Sure, my parents grew some veggies, but I had no clue what to eat to lose fat and gain muscle.
At that time, eating less was the big thing, and any diet information was based on the popular skinny model types.
But I always dreamed about being like her. It took me until my late 30's to take the leap, hire knowledgeable people, and educate myself. Do I look like her? Lol, no, but I am still trying. I may be 80 and still trying, but I will always remember this woman sparked the desire in me.
I have many inspirational woman in my life today, and I am going to start sharing them with you.

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