Thursday, 31 March 2016

The ugly truth, but another yum breakfast.

The ugly truth is I weigh more than I have in a couple of years.
It's an ugly number.
I can't lie and say, "Oh but I bet most of it is muscle."
I know in my heart of hearts, and my chunky, cellulite ridden butt and thighs that it is not.
I have no one to blame but myself.

I still eat, drink, and party like I'm in my 20's.
Yet, I am on the cusp of 43.
I've had a hysterectomy.
Age, hormones, genetics are not on my side.
It's time to make some more changes in my life.
I'll throw it out there. 
I like my evening cocktails.
I like cheese and crackers with my wine.
I like burgers with cheese and fries.
I love spicy fried chicken.
I have created a sugar/sweets habit that I never had in the past, ever.
I used to always be able to pass on the sweets.

I have slid down the slippery slope the past year.
I have sort of dug myself a hole of bad habits that I am struggling crawling out of, so I might as well claw my way out now before I'm unable to get out at all.

As I said, I am trying.
I am implementing a better plan of action.
I am going to be cutting back and out the habits that I have created all week long.
I need to go back to just having a few fun treats on the weekends and not dragging them along everyday, or nearly everyday.

I am almost 43. I do not need to party and indulge like I am half my age anymore.
Now, that's not saying that I won't still do the dumb shit that I do.
I will still cuss like a sailor, wear clothing that is considered inappropriate for a lady of my age, write dirty, dirty books, give my thoughts on sex and bedroom recreation, dance like a fool in public...Nope, I'm not cutting those back!

So, there is my ugly truth. Now on to the yummy!

That's the final product!

Here's how it began.

I started with 3 oz of sweet potato that I had baked during meal prep earlier in the week. I diced it along with one sweet pepper, 1/2 a jalapeno, and some spinach, which I have found a fondness of cutting my spinach with kitchen shears lately.

I threw all of that in a preheated pan sprayed with some olive oil spray. I covered it and let it go a few minutes.

Then went in 1 whole egg and 1/2 cup of egg whites.
Cover and cook.

Check on it until it is cooked to your likeness.

That's mine! I sprinkled it with a little Cajun seasoning and then slid it out on the plate and enjoyed!

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