Saturday, 26 March 2016


The blog and ME.
I've been doing self-inventory. 

Besides my usual pursuits, I am going to try to find my joy everyday.
It's so easy to fall into the ruts and mire in the negative.
I do it far too much.

I was trying to make a list of what I do daily that makes me happy.
Don't get me wrong, it's not that I am unhappy.
There is just something missing.
I blame it on no one but myself.
I have just fallen into this rut of chores that I think must be done, things I should be doing...
In actuality, no one is going to die if I don't mop the floors everyday, or if there is a glass in the sink at night, or if the folded laundry sits in the basket.

Now, granted, I get the work that I get paid for done daily.
I'm not talking about our jobs - though I want to make some changes in that arena as well.

However, in thinking about when I was truly joyous in my life, I've realized that I have shoved those things to the wayside. My writing has been slacking. Going to the gym, fewer and further between. Reading, practically non-existent unless I am proofing/editing for someone.
I have not done one crafty thing in a few years.
Exploring and trying new activities...nill.
I think I have begun to exist instead of live, which was what I had been trying to do before.

I decided to start skimming some self-help blogs. You know, inspiration, finding your happy, how to pursue a full life? Those sorts of subjects.
I have created some bad habits that I have to undo.
Nightly cocktails, chips, cheese, cheese, pizza.

The point is that I have forgotten how to love myself, even like myself lately.
I have lost my joy.
Without having those two things, I know that I cannot fully pursue the goals that I have set.
I am going to start implementing a few changes each week hoping to get out of the rut and back to living life instead of just existing.

Here's to the remodel.
xoxo Red Lips & Ass

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