Thursday, 11 February 2016

Slow as a Snail...

but no snail trail.
As I've eluded to, there has been a ton of stress the past six months.
I don't know why I had not thought of it before, or maybe I did and ignored it, but I had begun to think back to my running  jogging days.
During the time before and even the rest of the year after my last competition, I jogged every day.
I would run six miles in an hour. 
And then again in the evening, I would sometimes run another three to six.
To some, that sounds like nothing.
For me, it was heaven.
Truly, I would blare my tunes and completely lose myself.
All my pent up anxiety and stress seemed to melt away.

As you've seen, I have not really been doing cardio or running or much besides some lifting the past year. And although I absolutely LOVE lifting, my anxiety and stress have not alleviated.
So, this week, I began again.
I have been hitting the treadmill...
don't judge me!
I'm jogging 20 minutes this week at 5.2 mph.
At first, I was so sorely disappointed, but then I remember that I had to slowly work my way up before. If I did it then, I can do it again.
Who knows? Maybe sooner or later, I will begin to run the mountain trails?!
Okay, let me not get ahead of myself...

Plus, it's cardio. Maybe it will help melt some of this winter fluff a little quicker.
Here I come bikini summer!

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