Tuesday, 9 February 2016


If I told you the stories, the number of people that I have lost to medical conditions, suicide, random violent crime, being killed by a spouse or significant other, drunk drivers, cancer...I could write you one detailed and gruesome book of death, and I think you would be quite shocked at my true life happenings are stranger than fiction.
Let me tell you what is bringing this thought about.
Yesterday, yet another friend of mine from back home lost his beautiful wife.
They have three children.
Their world, of course, has stopped.
One day a whole family unit, the next all that they know crumbling around them.
My heart breaks for them, and of course, you begin to recall all of the fun times that you had with that person.

One, it makes me stop and think that life is just one big game of Russian Roulette.
At any moment, boom, it's your turn.
As I stop and think of all of my friends and family over the years, even in high school where we lost a classmate or two to their own hands, I find myself incredibly lucky to still be standing.
Then, I think, "Seriously, what's to say that I'm not the next to go down?"

It's very morbid, however, it makes me want to grasp any and every opportunity to live, love, and laugh, hug, and truly let all of those fights, annoyances, and stupid happenings go.
It is times like these that remind us to not just exist, but to truly live this life we are given.
You never know when your turn is up.

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