Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Fun, Easy Fitbit Fix

I admit it.
I love my Fitbit.
I love checking to see how many steps that I've done and challenging friends.
However, let's face it, the standard band is blah.
I don't want to wear it when I'm semi-dressed up, but yet, I want to wear it because all of those steps lost?!
I wear my other fancy bracelets on my other arm.
I've tried layering some of the bracelets that I have around my Fitbit, but it still stood out.
I spent some time searching the fancy ones available.
I lusted after the Tory Burch ones, but yikes! That price!!
So, as I was wandering about World Market of all places, I spied some cuff bracelets.
I immediately thought, "Hey, I wonder if these would work?"
And for $10, I now have a camouflage for my plain band.

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