Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Workout Journals and It's Freaking Frigid!

I wanted to give you a little sample of my workout log. If I'm not in training or under coach's guidance, I like to keep track of my workouts. This year, I'm using my daily planner. I'm using the monthly calendar at the beginning of each month to actually mark my appointments, and these pages to log my workouts, inspirational quotes, and other little notes.
It's a fun idea to keep you on track and motivated.

In other news, I think you can tell by my face in the picture this morning at the gym that I am just about tired of this below zero stuff in the mornings. This is the first year that I EVER remember having to wear sweatshirts and jackets DURING my workouts. It's flippin' frigid!!

As you can see, I am a hot mess. I didn't do my hair, any sort of anything. I'm lucky I got my arse out of the warm house and the seven miles uphill to the gym.
Yes, I am ready for a little warm for sure.

~*~Side Note~*~
I like to keep this blog separate from my writing blog.
However, I will let you know that I have posted the first three chapters from my last two books there.
Warning: They are smutty, filled with oodles of kink and adult situations, but if you'd like to peek:

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