Sunday, 10 January 2016

Soup's On)

I am still fighting crud.
I get better, then the cough comes back.
Oh well.
I have still been going to the gym and trying to eat on track.

I was seriously craving some soup this week.
I had a two pound bag of carrots, some jalapenos, and other staples, so I figured I would give it a whirl. I really don't have a spot on recipe for you, and I encourage you to play with it.
I have found similar ones online, so peruse and play!

I peeled my carrots and put them on a roasting pan along with a huge jalapeno, two little gold potatoes (seriously each were golf ball size), and some garlic cloves. I drizzled them with olive oil and sprinkled them with a little sea salt and pepper.
I popped them in a 375 oven and let them go. I checked on them and flipped everything once.
I just kept doing little checks until it was all tender with some nice char marks.

After that, I threw some water in a big pot, added cayenne pepper, ground ginger, a little bit of chili powder and some yellow curry powder. I brought that to a simmer and threw all of the veg in. I threw in the whole jalapeno, seeds and all, but do as you like according to your spicy level. 
I only let it simmer about 10 minutes then transferred it to my blender to begin the puree cycle. I had to add in more liquid. I chose to add in my unsweetened almond milk to make it creamy without the dairy which would just cause more mucus accumulation and production. 
Afterwards, I poured it back in the pot and just put it on low to warm back up.

Honestly, it was quite yum, healthy and looked beautiful too.
I didn't take a picture, but it was spot on to this:

And by the way, their recipe looks great too.

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