Wednesday, 6 January 2016

7.2 Away

I know the scale doesn't matter.
Really, I do, however, I was about 20 pounds over my competing weight.
I was really happy and comfortable keeping myself around 110+/- a pound or two.
I have not been on the scale in probably a month.
The last time I stepped on, I was 122 and some change.

This morning, I dared to drop trou and tip-toe on that baby.
I was actually surprised to see that I was at 117.2 pounds.
Surprised and super happy.
I think it has motivated me to kick it soon as I'm not hacking up a lung, lol. 
I have resumed my workouts this week, but have been keeping it light.

On a side note.
Super funky leggings make me happy.

I was lucky this holiday. The husband gifted me with some new fun workout leggings...
Be prepared for the pictures to start!

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