Sunday, 13 December 2015

No Nonsense - Freebie

I am often approached for advice and suggestions from many ladies about diet and exercise programs. More often than not, these people do not want to spend tons of money, and I don't blame them. I know what it costs to compete, and those costs tend to go up every year.

Also, I know that these ladies usually are not looking to begin competing either.
They just want to get to a place that makes them comfortable with themselves.
Who doesn't?

I thought that I would begin sharing with you all of the things that I share with them, and where to find free plans, samples, magazines, etc.

I was first introduced to Beverly International products at my old gym in the town we moved from this year. They are a high quality, highly respected source of supplementation.
Granted, I have only used their UMP Protein powder, but it is one of the best ones that I have tasted out there.
Now, this isn't the reason that I give this website to the ladies - which it is also great for men as well.
This is the reason.

(current issue)

Beverly's site is highly informative, containing recipes, articles and so much more.
Even better?
You can sign up for FREE for their No Nonsense magazine, which is issued quarterly.
I've received it for two years now.
It is chock full of athletes, their diet plans, exercise plans, recipes, stories, and of course, information on Beverly.
However, I find it even better in quantity and quality than many mainstream magazines out there selling for $5 and up.

And when you signup, you are given the heads up on private sales of their products as well.
You seriously can't beat that.

And you may even give their UMP a try.
It's in my Top 2 of Protein Powders.

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