Sunday, 20 December 2015

Butts, Booty, Bums...Dat Ass

If you have followed for any period of time, you know I am obsessed with asses and abs, on both genders. I strive for both.
I've had both.
I will not lie though, it was a bitch getting there and keeping it.
It's the dietary portion that kills me.

Note: None of these bums are mine, until the end.

You know, even when I was in the best shape, I still had a 'watery' look, or a little jiggle in my rear and thighs. I was able to get rid of my cellulite though.
Dietary = no dairy. no alcohol. no processed sugars. tons & tons of green vegetables. lean proteins. complex carbs. water. water. water.

I won't lie to you. I absolutely LOVED when I was in that shape.
I also love being able to hang with friends in the summer, have a few cocktails, CHEESE, some beans and rice, some fried shrimp, CHEESE, wine, and did I mention CHEESE?
Which probably explains the cheese on mine.

But a huge part of me still wants this.
So, I am striving to find the balance.
I know I probably will never be one of those people who never indulge.
I can do it a year or so, but I miss it.
Then, I go nuts and binge.

This coming year, I am working on balancing it all.
That is my goal: improving myself, in all aspects.
(I plan a full post on that, well, on New Year's, lol.)
I am thinking of skipping competing again this year.
When I calculate the costs, I can do a few fun trips home and to visit other friends for that money I would be spending on competing.

I am thinking of keeping track here: my workouts, my meals, my splurges - being a selfie slut.

Perhaps on New Year's Day, I will grace you with my current situation (i.e. my cellulite and lumps and bumps), my thoughts on how I plan on tackling summer of the bikini, eating plans and recipes, and how to fit in the fun splurges with friends. 

And I plan on keeping up my red, or colored lips, this year too.
Having lipstick on makes me feel fancy - even in my gym wear.
Now I understand why my grandmother never left the house without at least her hair and lips on!

Now, these two are old pics.
Yeah, I no longer look like that.
Don't worry, I don't think I look like Jabba the Hut yet. I just am a little squishy.
The husband doesn't complain because I can, as he says, make the butt clap with the extra cushion for the pushing.
So, it's all good. I would just rather it be better.

I guess this post is fair warning of some of what is to come in 2016.

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