Thursday, 10 December 2015

All over the place post!

This photo made me laugh out loud today.

I have been traveling, unfortunately not for fun.
There wasn't much sleeping, and hardly any eating each day, grabbing whatever was offered, lol.
So needless to workouts either.
But along with the hard, there were even more pleasant experiences.
I was able to visit and reconnect with family I have not seen in forever.

I arrived back in Colorado late Tuesday night.
I was exhausted and starving.
The husband brought me to a nice restaurant.
I ate my fill and was sleepy on the last leg of the ride home.

However, he was a busy little elf.
When we pulled into our property, multi-colored lights beckoned from the front window.
In his own way, he had begun the Christmas decorating in the living room.
All of our stockings, including the pups', were hung.
He had strung some lights along the curtain rods too.
He also bought a big bouquet of flowers and had them waiting in a vase.
Not only that, he had gone grocery shopping stocking up the fridge with all of my proteins and greens. What a welcome back!

I must admit, he poured me a nightcap after I showered and was all comfy in my jammies.
I took a sip and passed out on the sofa.

I have told everyone that Christmas will be late from me. I have not even begun to shop, nor bought cards yet. At least now, though, I am in the spirit.

Yesterday, I got up and started my normal routine again.
I am down in weight, not where I want to be yet, but closer.
I have noticed that I am not as lumpy as I was last month.
So, I say YaY!

I have been implementing HIIT for cardio.
Shorter sessions, but oh my gosh, I can feel it.
I have also been changing some of my constant weight lifting exercises, trying out some that I have not tried before or have not done in years.
I am still aiming for the year of prancing around in a bikini next year.
I have visions of finally peeling off this layers and people being, "DAMN!"
Shallow, but I don't care, lol. 

This is just funny.

As a side note, I am one of those phases questioning my path in life.
But that's life isn't it?
I want to do more for others, be happy in a career.

Let's face it, my books are a fun hobby.
Do I wish that I could make a living just doing that?
Well, of course!
Maybe if I wish on a star, burn some candles, and do a little juju?
It would be nice to be the Queen of Smut Lit!


At least I know that I have control over one of my goals...
a killer booty like this!

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