Thursday, 19 November 2015

Taking it to the snow...

It's been cold.
It's snowed.
My boy there has had too much pent up energy and been destroying things in the house.
I took him with me to the gym, then to run a few errands.
Since I was out, I decided to detour by one of the open spaces that usually has mountain biking, hiking, cross country skiing, and just all sorts of options.
I had on my snow boots anyway since I had to wear them to and from the gym.
I let him frolic.
Unfortunately, I gave out before him.
He's strong and quick for a ten year old pup. 
He was a little pissed when I made him turn around to hike back to the car.
Sorry, dude, but mommy doesn't like trudging through where the snow is high enough to keep getting inside my snow boots. I'm not super coordinated either, so I kept slipping on some of the steep areas.
I think Fitbit should give one extra steps or calories for hiking in snow up and down hills in twenty degree weather trying to keep from face planting with a running dog.
But, yeah, I'll do it again and again...because even though all of that sounded like complaining, I had fun.

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