Monday, 2 November 2015

Fitbit Flex

The husband and I have a wacky tradition.
We both LOVE Halloween. When we were first married he gave me my first Great Pumpkin gift.
The tradition stuck, and every year, we exchange a little Great Pumpkin gift.
Well, usually it's little.
This year, on his own because I have never said that I wanted one, but had heard about them.
He works with people who have them, so he thought I'd like it.
Yep, he got me the fitbit flex.

I have to admit that it's really fun. I find myself checking the app on my phone constantly to see where I am at with steps. I have not yet tried logging in a workout. I should have done it while I was at the gym this morning. Maybe I will go back and log in what I remember, lol.
Anyway, it's really nifty. I added a few friends through facebook, and we can compete with each other...Not that I would do anything like that!
I guess I made this post just to share my newest little gadget.
Hopefully, it is an implement to help keep me on track for my newest shallow goal!

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