Sunday, 25 October 2015

Taking it outdoors

God knows, I love Louisiana.
How could I not?
 Born and raised, fabulous food, green, flora and fauna, fresh seafood...
However, I have grown to absolutely love the area in the mountains where we have moved.
Today, we finally began hiking.
I mean, we've taken a ton of scenic drives to see what's around.
We've found tons of parking areas with the signs for parks, trails, forests.
Today, was our first hike since living here.
We took it easy and did not go straight for up the mountain, but a casual incline (even if some were barely wide enough for one person with a rock up one side and drop off on the other, lol).
It was fun. One of our pups totally enjoyed it.
We picnicked.
But, yes, it wiped me up going higher and higher and higher.
I cannot wait to do it more, acclimate my lungs, and try the harder and longer hikes.
So, I give you pictures which does not do any of the landscape justice.

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