Friday, 4 September 2015

Summer in the Mountains.

You know you live in a small mountain town when you go down the dirt road to check your mail and this sign is hanging on the out box.
You don't know how much I wanted it to be these guys:
but, nope, it's the wild, hairy kind.
Oh you know what I mean.
We knew there was one roaming around as he has been in our yard every week stealing from our hummingbird feeders and breaking into our garbage through the bars and straps.
Now, there are three buggers.

I guess that's the excitement of living in a tiny town with a year round population of 85 people. 
That's what someone told us.
Not sure if it's completely accurate, but I do know that 3/4 of the cabins around us never have anyone in them.

We finally made it out to a private lake that we kept hearing about.
It is only about eleven miles away, but the twisty, narrow, dirt rock roads makes headway slow.
It is beautiful though.
People were camping, kyacking, paddle boarding, swimming, biking and hiking.
There were also all sorts of trailheads up the mountains. 
I got very excited because now I can wear the new bikinis that I have...and not feel guilty buying some on clearance now that fall is upon us! I may even look into rashers.
I get to swim again!

I was a hot mess, but it was awesome out there.

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