Monday, 22 June 2015

Total Mindless Ramblings from a Tired Girl.

And though I wish that I could say it was a for a fun reason, nope, I'm just tired.
That's life, right?

Coffee to the rescue!

I have been a busy girl, all good.
Work, food, working out, writing, formatting, editing...

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous, well with the exception of the crazy torrential downpours.
I mean seriously, all of the neighbors have said, "We never have grass."
Yes, we in the dry mountains of dirt, have freaking puffs of grass that even though I weed eat them, three days later are back up to my waist.
We've even had flooding?!
One highway is closed and the road above us washed out. 

Anyway, I also cut my hair.
I was hoping to look like the girl on the cover of Spanked! by Lena Black. Instead, I look like a middle-aged butch girl who should be in Orange is the New Black.
I love that show! Wish I looked more like Ruby Rose. Yep, I jumped on that wagon.

On a serious note, I have noticed that I was happiest when I was actively involved with 'prepping' or 'on plan.' I was focused. I was structured.
Perhaps it was the way I planned everything.
Every morning, I would wake up, sit and write a positive thought to focus on during the day.
I had a goal in sight.
I was organized.
And though I don't mind a little chaos, my days seemed to run smoothly - even if I was completely exhausted every night.
Crazy, right?
I realize that I'm just one of those weirdos who thrive on structure, well sometimes.

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