Friday, 20 July 2012

A Little Rambling

My heart is heavy with the horrible tragedy at the theater a few miles from my house last night.

I found out a little before 6am this morning when my mom called to make sure that we were okay.
I was baffled, and she told me what happened and to go turn on the news.
Our nerdy status must precede us because the texts, calls and emails began flooding in to make sure we weren't at the premiere of Batman last night at the Century 16.

My gym is about a mile from the Century 16.
We frequent that mall whenever we do decide to go to a mall.
The road is basically closed off today.
It was nice to get out for about an hour and get my head out of the constant news.
I met Traci down at the gym by her house.

I'm still crossing my fingers that I didn't know anyone there, though some friends of friends were.
It's horrific.
Even though I wasn't there last night, it hit close to home as I pass it daily.
I'm having anxiety and mild panic attacks.
So, I went outside and tried to get my thoughts away.

Oh, the vehicle (our only one) is giving heck.
So, it's being worked on.

My gym put out an announcement that the shooter was NOT a team member there as it was incorrectly announced on the news. Honestly, that freaked me out when I first heard it.

Maybe I'm a little freaked out because the movie theater right around the corner from our house was held up a few months ago at gunpoint.  Thankfully, that instance had no one hurt.

This should make everyone think to live each day to its absolute fullest, appreciate everything and everyone in your life.

As an update, I found out that 3 people that we know (servers from 2 of our favorite haunts have been shot/injured).  Sadness...