Monday, 7 May 2012


I love experimenting.
For some reason, Pecan Pie has been haunting me.
I'm not sure why as I only make it at Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Maybe it's because I didn't make it this past year?

So, the experimenting began to make this a protein bar/snack.

First attempt....
eh, it's okay.
If  I had no clue what real pecan pie was like, I'd probably really enjoy it.

Experiment #1 in a Protein Pecan Pie Snack with a "chocolate" crust.... 8 slices ~ I think I can make it better and with more protein and goodness

Per slice
117 calories, 9.14g fat, 4.3g carbs, 1g fiber, 1.75g sugar, 15.94mg sodium, 5.63g protein
I will be tinkering again, or maybe just making it into a muffin...
Garden stuff.
I have been waiting, rather impatiently, to begin my gardens.
I've started before this time in the past, all to have my little seedlings get the wrath of a late season snow.
This year, I'm doing as everyone says and waiting until after Mother's Day to get all of the seeds, seedlings and plants outdoors.
With that said, I'm making a big pot of red beans and rice and French Bread to send with the husband to work tomorrow.
I soaked my red beans, and when I was rinsing and sorting to put in the pot this morning, I found 3 little guys like this.


Yep, sprouted!
I normally grow bush black beans, but since I have these sprouts, I threw them in a little pot and let's see what happens with them too!
I am a gorilla gardener of sorts. 
I throw seeds from anything in the ground and usually have great success.
We have lots of "volunteer" plants every year.
In fact, there are quite a few things out there just randomly sprouted from plants gone to seed last year.
In fact, part of my back lawn is now spotted with random lettuces, mint and green onion just from the wind blowing seeds from the plants that I let go and did not yank until the very, very end of fall.

Oh, now if I could only get a simple green house for winters!

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Andrea Lianne said...

Omg that pie looks delish!
Lol you know what I did yesterday? I saw that 2 of my fave chocolate bars were on sale at London Drugs, so I bought them and stuck them in my freezer for post-show! LOL!!! im such a geek