Tuesday, 3 April 2012

What?! 10 Days....

Yesterday was body stat day!
Down 1/2 a pound, so now I'm 101.5 pounds.
Body fat finally dropped some!
Thank goodness!!
Down 0.72% to 15.69%.
FINALLY made it into the 15% range!

I go back Friday.
We'll check my body stats again, and plan my nutrition to begin Saturday.
We'll do depleting (then a quick reload) those last 7 days.

Should be interesting.

Here's some quickies from this morning.
I realize that I'm so white that I glow, even after months of using the Jergens Daily Glow, lol.
Hoping that in the next 10 days, and with the tan next Friday and Saturday morning, that things will look more defined.


Chelle Stafford said...

Lookin' Good, Lady!!! ;-) Woot! You're in the magic zone now... watch that mirror - it will change daily!

Lacey said...

The Tan does a LOT! :) Plus don't you worry, SO much definition comes out in that last week!

You look so amazing lady!! I seriously cannot wait to see you on stage, you've worked so hard for this!!!