Monday, 27 February 2012

Day 127 ~ Tons to Say!

As you may have noticed, I didn't update last week.
That's because we were here...

Needless to say, I did not ski.
1. I suck at it miserably.
2. I was petrified if I attempted again I would break something, and I did not
want to chance it with a little over 6 weeks out.
Sam skied every day though.
I knew being here that today's body stats would not be what I wanted.
I did bring dumbbells and bands with us.
We brought some food, but my pop-in-law is adamant about eating out when on vacation.
So, I had many salads, no cheese, no croutons, grilled or seared fish, chicken or steak and vinaigrette on the side.  There were also some not so good choices during the week.
I take responsibility for it.

So here's today's body stat update.

106 pounds - down 1 pound in the past two weeks.
Body fat 17.19%, down from 17.58% two weeks ago, boooo.

Encouraging news?

One of my coach and trainer's clients won the Mrs. Colorado Pageant this weekend.
She thinks I should do that next....
Don't know about that one, lol.
Also, she's starting a new fan page/website.
She wants me to do some new pictures and to be her first client of the month.
She wants my transformations up there.
That made me all happy.
Plus, she said that you can totally see my abs.
I, however, cannot.
I even made Sam take a picture of my in my bra so I could try to see from a different perspective than looking in the mirror every day.
He says you can see them too.

Also, this weekend, I tried on everything in my closet.
I then "fashion showed" for Sam and he told me whether clothes were workable (though still large) or a total tent and made me look like I was wearing maternity clothes.
I now have half a closet and virtually no bras.

I also picked up this because I keep hearing so much about it from other competitors.
I'm excited to try it.


I came across these that I bought when we were home in New Orleans in October, had forgotten about and never wore.  Score!

Crazy shoes!  Love!
I seriously have a hat and shoe addiction.
This will have to come to an end because we have another new adventure on the horizon.

I will be beginning another blog to follow that journey.
Sam made a purchase last night.
We've talked about it, dreamed about it, drooled over them on the net.
We now are owners of an old, pretty gutted FEMA trailer.
It is going to become an art lifestyle project - Petite Living - Vardo - Tiny House - similar to this.
I do believe we're going to make ours more aesthetically pleasing and possibly gypsy caravan or some craziness.  We have had many ideas over the years. 
Right now, it's just going to sit on a friend's property while I draw up plans and specs, research solar, wind and other eco-friendly power.
Then, we'll be out to purchase land.
This could be a project of an artistic journey along with some self-sustainable education (for us mainly).
I'm sure there will be many failures and hilarious happenings along the way.
We'll see how this goes.
Thinking about the perfect name for our blog.
If nothing else, we'll have a really awesome camper in the end!


Athena said...

Exciting stuff!!! And yes, you definitely can see your abs. I've been envious of your abs for months! Love the shoes. And the bra!

Lapetitemort said...

Awwww, thank you. I think constantly looking in the mirror and searching for changes has distorted my perception a little. I would love to get some more muscle instead of looking teeny - though my coach says she can see muscle when I'm posing....

Lacey said...

You look amazing LPM! I love the progress you're making! And way to stay strong during your vaca!!! :)

Lacey said...
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FIGUR(E)-atively Speaking said...

Ok, this helps a little. I actually read the "Purple Peanut Post" first and that threw me for a loop! Anyhoo, you look fantastic and the Extra Dessert Gum? The BOMB I have EVERY flavor! They are all good. yum!

Donloree said...

Awesome!! You are nearly there! Love all the adventures!!!