Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Okay, stupid, useless, not really important rant about clothes

Ok, I now see how this happens.

No, not becoming a cute cartoon illustration, but wearing workout clothes all the time.
Sadly, at this point, it's happening to me.
Not necessarily because I want to wear them everyday, all day -
though I am working out or at the gym(s) 6 days a week.
It's because nothing fits.

Last month, I got two new pair of jeans, in the smallest size that I could find in my area, size 2 petite, and one pair of casual pants, size XS short.
They are huge on me.

Even my cute cardigans are swallowing me.
I counted on them over my tees during these chilly months.

Now, don't do this to me.

Yeah, I'm getting tiny, but DAMN!
Can a girl wear some cute normal clothes?

Plus, I hate to get rid of brand new clothes.
Once I'm at a point that I know that I will be at normally - noncompeting - 
I think that I will have to either make or get made some new clothes, or
spend the pretty penny on them.

Truly, I'm still not on a real competition diet.
I'm still eating the same meal plan that I've been eating since September, just without cheating.
This will probably be the diet I maintain after competing as well, with cheat stuff, so I want to see where my normal, noncompeting body will wind up.

Why waste money on clothes?
Yet, my closet is full with clothes that I don't fit in and don't want to part with.
Oh, the evils of wants and owning.
Stupid attachment to "things."

On the positive,
I still have 3 pencil skirts that are fitting, and a few dresses.
That's a definite plus!

But, I'm loosing all my boob-age.
It's also time to go get a bra fitting.
I have plenty of bras with now empty cups,
hello sports bras everyday.


FIGUR(E)-atively Speaking said...

OMG! Sooo funny! Me too. My boobs were monsters while I was fat! Now, other than for coverage purposes, I don't even need a bra! Unreal! I haven't put my jeans on in about 3 weeks, I think it'd be pointless. Although, I do live in the Detroit area, perhaps I should just start wearing my pants around my knees! LOL! There's always a solution!

The Glamorous Housewife said...

This reminded me of you:

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife

Athena said...

I hear 'ya! I'm wearing leggings all the time now. I wanna go shopping so bad but what's the point?

Donloree said...

TOTALLY!! Skirts become your best friend. I bought some high waisted, shorter ones and as I get thinner they become knee length hip riders. :) I also buy jeans that are a wee bit too tight for where I am now and then wear them for 3 sizes. :) Buying things like layer and you cinch with a belt works wonders too. Embrace the chic bohemian look. Other than that I also shop at high end second hand stores and get pieces that I need. Don't get rid of all your clothes because you don't know what your normal is going to be after you finish your comp. You may hang out at around 105 or 110 as a maintenance never know. Nonetheless I love it!!