Friday, 6 January 2012

Day 75 ~ The Fun Stuff

From the boring =
today I did legs and my cardio at the gym.
I left, sat in my vehicle and ate my Meal 2 and then headed to my coach.
Today we began
dum dum dum

I was a little nervous because it has been a REALLY long time since I have had actual dance.
I was also a little nervous about the strength holds, flexibility moves and kicks and such.
Luckily, she and I had the same vision, even some of the same moves planned in some of the same places once she heard my music.  We touched on costume and prop ideas.
I showed her where I was at on the strength moves I had been practicing.
Then showed her my spits, straddle, kicks and my backbends and forward roll (somersault).
To my relief, she was pleasantly surprised, and she showed me some more moves to practice and work on that we may add to the routine.

We've started with the beginning, of course, hahaha.
After the 30 minutes, of going into strength and flexibility moves between dance steps, I could not hold them anymore.  I was pooped.
Still am.

She also told me that I can use the back room to practice when ever I want, as long as, you know, the trainers aren't using it to train people.  
This rocks!  So, I can practice at home, but then have the luxury of a mirrored space to see myself.

So, I have a tiny portion to practice until next week.
I also have more strength moves to learn, work on perfecting the ones that I can semi-do, get my flexibility even more bendy, work on coming up from a backbend, and work on headstands - without the wall.
We may be adding some fun hula hooping in there too!
Because I love it.

This is the super fun part for me.
Of course, it means even more time in addition to actual gaining muscle and shaping my body gym time.
Just like me to choose this category, heh.

I am just so very, super, extraordinarily lucky that I have a partner who supports me, and that I have the luxury to pursue this dream.

Now, I'll leave you with photos of stuff that I may be doing.



Oh, and Yep, my theme is
That's my girl!

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iheartnerds72 said...

You rock sistah! I'm excited to see your first competition!

PS- I heart Buffy.