Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Day 100 ~ Sidelined

Went back to the doctor today.
She wants me to take it super easy this week.
No bending, "super" stretching, running, high impact, or heavy weights.
She said that I am allowed light weights, the bosu (exercises she approved), walking, elliptical or the bike.
I see her again Friday to reassess.

But I will listen because I want to heal and be on my merry way.
And in the future, I will definitely make sure that I DO do a warm up before working out.
I have far too many times neglected that.
I will not try to be super woman and lift what is far too heavy for me to stay in proper form.
I will not try to push my stretching beyond what is safe.
I will get the flexibility that I want eventually.

Maybe I should work on patience.
It seems all of the bad practices that I acquired come from lack of patience and trying to rush...
Shame on me.

Lesson learned.


Queen of the Trailer Park said...

Sorry to hear that you've had a bit of a setback, but glad to hear that you are taking advice and making sure you heal : )

The Glamorous Housewife said...

Wanted In-n-Out burger. Had a salad with lemon juice for dressing. Hope you feel better soon!

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife

ps: Still want that burger! LOL!

Lapetitemort said...

Thanks ladies. =) I have done it to myself and now I'm going to listen, darn it!

GHW, I still eat burgers, just without the bun or a with a whole grain bun and side salad instead of fries. ;) Or heck, just indulge in a treat meal! =D

Athena said...

Damn, that sucks. Maybe it's a good thing that you have more time so you can heal. Hope you feel better soon!

Lacey said...

Seriously, such a hard lesson to learn. :|
Sorry you're hurting! Get well very soon! Do what's recommended like its your religion and you'll be back at it soon!

Git It Girl said...

Take it easy and you will be well soon! Your body may thank you for the little break and then when you're ready to go back at it, you will be sooooo happy!