Thursday, 1 December 2011

Day 39 ~ Random, Scattered Thoughts

Today is a gloomy, snowy day.
I am being quite unproductive,
as I have been the past two days.
I have not been feeling quite up to par, but that's the way it goes.
I have training this evening and probably body assessment.
I am not looking forward to the assessment as I am a cramping, bloated mess,
but I'll just keep that in mind when the results come out.

So, I'm being super lazy right now browsing the evil web.
I'll get to it in a few and go jump rope, clean and cook dinner so that the husband can heat up his dinner while I am gone and I can just come home to heat mine up.

Random note: I forgot how much I enjoy farm fresh eggs.
I grew up with chickens.
We never ate our chickens but did eat the eggs.
All of our chickens were like pets and there were many buried in our back yard when they died of old age.  Heck, my parents now have 5 acres and still have chickens and one looney duck (a rescue).

I recently, got some fresh eggs and am back in love.
I will definitely shell out the extra money for them and not feel guilty in the least.

Switching Thoughts Again
Well, I'm trying (the key word here is trying) to not buy new clothes because I know that my body and shape are going to continue to change.
I have way too many articles of clothing anyway.
Sometimes I wish that I were like my husband.
He has probably seven of the same shirt that he wears to work, same with pants, same with weekend wear.  He never thinks about what to put on.

In my constantly swirling mind, I'm thinking of my small ways to make a difference and declutter my life a litttle.
I'm wondering if I can go the year without buying new clothes.
(Now, this would not include a posing suit or fitness routine outfit because I do not think that I have the skill nor patience to make those!)
Now, for a few years I have been intrigued with the Uniform Project.

I am wondering if I could do a version of it?
I could mix and match it with the clothing I have and as I out grow, my wardrobe would decrease, yet I would have a staple piece to accessorize.

Not only that, you can raise money for a charity too.
I think that's killing two birds with one stone!

I am really loving their LBD Classic.
Of course, right now they are out of it and the pattern, booooo.
I shot them an email asking if they were going to get it back in stock and if they would please notify me when they did?

I figured that since my workout wardrobe is pretty decent, I can just up-cycle to create
new items when other things wear out.
That sports bra that I made in Getting Crafty
is pretty darn comfy and supportive, believe it or not!

Heck, maybe when I need it I can get people to donate their old workout wear, and
I can create new funky styles from them?

Plus, I never did do my Days for Girls/ Project Thrive project this year.
I really want to do that as well.
I'm feeling very altruistic.
Since I am limited in my income of actual currency, maybe I can provide in other ways.
So far, these are some of my ideas.

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