Monday, 7 November 2011

Arms of Jello ~ Day 15

My arms, they quiver.
They are like the jello.
My chest isn't free from the wrath either.

But my arms are popping right now too!

(Okay, I don't even like jello, but these are cute!)

I have to admit that I have probably only been giving 90% with regards to my diet.
I have still had some cocktails and a treat now and then.
I can only imagine what will happen if I give 100%.

I think I have not done that yet because I keep thinking that March is so far away.
In reality, it's not.
I have to start cutting it out!

Also, I'm a little nervous as to if I will be able to do all the required moves for a fitness routine.
I think I'm going to allot a little more time to practicing that stuff.

In other good news, my trainer has hooked me up.
I will be training and tiny group, 2 of us, with a trainer who is also in his competition mode.
It will be two evenings a week, upper & lower body weights.
The best part, 1/2 price per session.

This does not mean that I'm still not searching/applying for part time work, but it sure does help.
What would be awesome is if my contract work came through soon, but I know that depends on them winning the contracts for the work.
I just keep keeping my fingers crossed that it will come through soon!

(too cute, borrowed from here)


The Glamorous Housewife said...

I worked out yesterday with a trainer too! Of course my asperations are much lighter then yours- I just want to loose the baby weight and fit into my vintage again! LOL!

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife

Lacey said...

Meh! Cheat meals are necessary to keep your metabolism going and not adapting too much to dieting. :) I'm not saying go ahead and binge, but 90% clean is great! You have to give yourself credit for that!