Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Day 2 & 3 to the Goal

Yesterday, I met up with my friend and workout buddy, Traci.
I decided to hit shoulders, biceps & triceps then do my cardio.
I did have my first fall in diet yesterday 
2 11oz beers.
Yep, fell off the wagon.
Sad part was that they didn't even taste that great.
I think I said screw it after choking on a tiny fish bone in my dinner.
After that, I was annoyed and wanted to indulge.
I mean, I have til March.
Besides that, I was craving something sweet -
chocolate, a cupcake, anything.
I just drank tons of water and ignored it.
Tomorrow, I will ask for my trainer's magic muffin recipe that I keep hearing about.

Today, I woke up, strapped on my heart rate monitor and hula hooped for my designated times in my HR zone.
Fun cardio.
Today is just a cardio day.
This is good because I am sore all over.
I know I need to stretch more today,
especially since I have a show tonight with 3 acts.
A show that I won't get home from until after midnight.
I am losing my night owl status.
I am dreading getting home that late and having to shower all of my zombie makeup off and
then try to get to bed and fall asleep after being hyped up.
I'm supposed to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.
Unfortunately, due to my internal alarm clock, it doesn't happen even after staying out that late.
I'm always up, the latest 7am.

I'm taking an advil pm when I get home tonight.
I have afternoon training with Tif and another late night show tomorrow night.
Sleep must happen.

Contract work has not come through yet.
Etsy has no bites, lol.
(I was given some new advice to try and will be listing things more frequently during the week instead of a big lump once a week)
Burlesque does not pay great.
I'm still applying for part time work.
Unfortunately, I'm not what most part time jobs are looking for -
older, over-qualified.
Such is life.
I have confidence that things will eventually work out.

After all, I have until March.

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