Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Well, well, well.....

Today, I had my consult with
Tiffany Yee

Holy crap, right?!

We did calipers, lean muscle percent, fat percent (aye, aye, aye,), goals, symmetry talk, competition talk, nutrition......

Yeah, I wanna do it.
I want to whip myself into crazy good shape and walk across a stage
and perform a fitness routine.

I signed up for starting some training and nutrition plans....
I know, I need to gain tons and lose tons.

I'm a fatty.
But, I want to be fit.

It will probably take me longer than others.
(Especially finding the cash to do it. I put the beginning on a credit card today.
It's been at balance $0 for well over a year.)
I will find a way.
If I have to burlesque every night, I will.

I taught myself to do this and the splits.
I have minor dance skillz
& a comedic side.

I will figure it out.

I will make it happen.

Right now, I'm having a glass of wine, an ear of corn with dinner -
hell, I may have 2 more glasses because tomorrow
I start the nutrition plan Tiffany gave me.

I meet with a friend to do "our" version of leg day.
Friday, I meet with Tiffany.
She's going to introduce me to a real

Saturday I meet with a friend from roller derby
to go do my first boot camp.
Then, I'm meeting more with Tiffany all next week......

I will more than likely die.

Time to start picking up every penny that I see.

But, this is something that I would want to do for a living.
Teach people how to eat and become healthy.
Not necessarily to be able to go across the stage, 
but to be able to eat & exercise in an acceptable way
to be happy & healthy.

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