Sunday, 18 September 2011

Rant of Disappointment

I'm really saddened lately by so many folks.
I will not lie,
I have superficial wants, desires.
There are also material things that I would like.
I will often vocalize these as well.

However, I DO NOT think that I am entitled to any of it "just because I think I deserve it."

I think some of it stems from the loss of human touch that I talked about here.

Lately, I have heard a ton of selfish talk.
Gimme, gimme, gimme,
I deserve, I want, I should be given it.

I mean, between facebook, blogs, real life eve's dropping, 
I'm frankly appalled.

One woman was truly enraged that a perfect stranger wouldn't buy her a drink, 
for that matter all of them that she asked.
If she wanted to be out and drinking, she should have brought her own money.
What makes women think that all men are obligated to buy them drinks when they go out?
It's rude, stereo-typical of needy women, and just wrong.
I can honestly say, I never asked anyone to buy me a drink.
I even would spurn the offers.
(this often led to me being called some awful slur, but why would I want to be around a guy like that anyway?)
You can ask my husband.
When I met him, it took a month or more before I would accept a drink from him.

Take for instance, something really simple - losing weight.
Why do you think all of those diet books, pills and infomercials make a fortune?
People want a quick fix.
Why not just eat correctly, and possibly
get off their bums and move a little?
Too much effort on their part.

There's so much more in my head.
It's wrong, I know this.
But there is this mentality of 
"I'm better than thou" from others that is driving me batty.

Little things, holding the door open for the little old lady behind you instead of letting it slam on her.
Yep, seen that done.
For that matter, if I hold the door open for you don't just push past me while looking me up and down.
A "thank you" is just common courtesy.

People have also made themselves think they are better that they are openly hostile, will say horrid things to random strangers and not even hide that they are eyeing you or how you look.
Even my laid back husband has noticed the changes.
And one weekend while we were at an upscale mall doing some shopping, after some women passed us, stopped in front of us, turned and looked me up and down, gave the stink-eye-giggle then turned and walked ahead - he asked, "Why were they looking at you that way?"
Probably that I wasn't head to toe in expensive name brands, but whatev's.
He dwelled on why for quite a bit that day, but some people are very
He thinks it's because I wasn't carrying the $500 dollar purse nor wearing the $500 heels.

It's a shame because that happens more and more frequently with me.
Just rude.
I guess because I'm not a hair-extensioned, fake-tan-expensive-brand-wearing-just-like-everyone-else?

Of course, with adults acting this way, how do we expect the next generation to turn out watching their peers act like they have never left high school?

What ever happened to working for what you want?
Exerting a little effort?

People just want it, and they want it now.
Screw everyone else, they deserve it!
Screw saving money for something you want and making seem more valuable.
Just put it on a credit card and put yourself in debt.
Truly, more and more folks seem like morons
everyday when I hear them open their mouths and
spew forth their rhetoric.

And now, I sound better than thou.
But seriously, can people not become a race of toddlers?

(from here)


Queen of the Trailer Park said...

Again, I smell exactly what you are stepping dad says we live in a "my, me, mine society" and attempting to be a small piece part of changing that is not fun, but at least we know that ther ARE others out there that feel the same way you do : ) I hold doors open for people, I say good morning to strangers that I walk by in the morning (only the older folks seem to do this as well) And I could go one for weeks about the juju that is trying to raise children in this lovely social cesspool that is southern California...but I do have hope : ) I'm not saying I don't want the newest coolest stuff out there or that I haven't given in to the green-eyed monster myself...but I have learned from my mistakes and I am trying to raise the monkeys up steps, baby steps : )

Lapetitemort said...

I hear ya.
It does make me feel better that there are others out there who feel the same as I do and are trying & trying & trying.