Thursday, 13 August 2009

Paranoia, silly episodes

It is all still good. I get complimented on my clothes and hair a lot, which is funny because I have not tried really. I secretly enjoy it though. One other woman said she saw me perform at Artopia earlier in the year, and she said that she could tell I was a burlesque girl. o.O We were talking about the Boylesque show going on right now at 3Kings. I saw it last night, fabulously hilarious and side-stitching! Ok that's superficial silly fun stuffs.

Microbiology is making me incredibly paranoid about eating anything or touching things. Ok, I know it will pass, but reading and learning about it all makes me go, "eeeww" thinking about what could be flourishing around me or what goes in my mouth - then could possibly attack.

The teacher (we only have two the whole two years, both RT's) says we will become incredibly paranoid when we get to physio-pathology. She says inevidetably students will come to her saying, "I think I may have (x) disease." Hahaha I shouldn't laugh. I may be one of those paranoid students. Excuse me, I think I may have leprosy...

In the past week, S and I have gone to see "Moon" and "Hurt Locker". I enjoyed both. Both were my break during tons of problems and reading and note taking. This is funny because I usually hate going to the movies. I enjoyed it as my brain breaks. =)


v8grrl said...

Fomites, I was telling Synda about fomites for a year...was telling her how I can't do hot yoga...too many fomites.

i guess you get over it...except I still gross out about poop staph on everything.


The Glamorous Housewife said...

Oh man. My doctor told me I have to stop googling different diseases when my kids were sick because it was getting on her nerves! LOL! She said it much nicer then that, but I can read between the lines. Glad you are enjoying school.

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife