Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Frogs and Bistros

In case I have never mentioned it, I have an affinity for frogs. Yesterday, when I went into the computer lab for my physics exam, I saw this when I sat down. ~points up~ Was that a good luck sign or what? All of these cute frog figurines for me to stare at just sitting there. I need to snag that seat for every module! Cheesy, but I love em.
There is a wine bistro near our house. It's kind of cool because there is always live musac. Sometimes R&B, classic rock, funk, jazz, really fun place. The crowd is usually older "cougar" looking women on the prowl, lol. Yet, there are not younger men, lol. It is super fun because as the night wears on, these ladies wind up on top of tables with the owner dancing. Sam and I like to go there regularly, share a bottle of wine, some appetizers and their really super desserts! They also have a huge wine menu, pages upon pages. This though is hilarious. They have a specialty drink menu that is so raunchy that I find it funny in a vulgar, cheesy way.

I never post them, but my husband has a thing for taking pictures of me drinking. We have tons of them. I posted this one because I actually don't have a glass of wine in my hand. I wish that I had a full length photo because this is one of my fav Stop Staring dresses. This is at said bistro before the crowds made their way in.

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