Friday, 24 July 2009


I had never, ever had shredded wheat before. In fact, we rarely buy cereal, maybe once a year. For some reason though as I went down the grocery aisles that box tempted me. So, I caved and bought a box. Inside, there are little separate paper envelopes with three little shredded goodies each. I pop one out of the little packet, throw on some fresh berries or even plain and add some moo juice. Yummy!
I really like it!
Then, I found these cute adds for it from yesteryear. =)

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Amanda said...

Grew up eating Shredded Wheat and Raisins with my Grandpa every morning. Have very fond memories of it.

The vintage Shredded Wheat ads are just great. They are done in such vivid colors, and look so appetizing.

Thanks for reminding me of a wonderful time in my childhood :)