Friday, 31 July 2009

So Mad Men-ish

I am obsessed lately with Mad Men. It got me thinking that my job used to be somewhat in that vein. No, no inter-office hanky panky took place, but Fridays, oh, Fridays. There was a time that on Fridays, my boss would buy us lunch...and cocktails. We would order out, and whoever went to pick up lunch also stopped to pick up a few gallons of daiquiris. Yummy. Then, there was a grocery run. Snacks, sandwich makings and a varied amount of beer and sodas all put into ice chests awaiting evening. When quitting time rolled around, the crews coming in from the field got to have a good time. We office people stayed and indulged too, or sometimes we got to start a little earlier on that lot, lol. Ahh, the good ol' days. Many offices there still are inclined to be that way.

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The Glamorous Housewife said...

When I was a costumer for movies the grip truck (the guys who do the heavy lifting) would always provide the beer on Thursdays. It was nice to sit around with your fellow crew members and have a drink and gossip. At the Glamorous Housewife house coctail hour starts around 3:00 and ends around 8:00! LOL!.

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife